Saturday, July 23, 2011

Different Aspects of Arthritis Knee Pain

It has long been known that the perception of pain is multi-factorial. In the case of knee osteoarthritis it is more than the wear of the joint surface that leads to the experience of pain.

Red heads have been shown to be more sensitive to pain and there are differences in perception between men and women. Women are more sensitive to pain (but are just as good as men at tolerating it).

A recent Korean study looked at knee x-rays and the level of reported pain in over 650 people. Those diagnosed with depression experienced more pain than others with the same level of osteoarthritis.

It has been suggested that a comprehensive treatment should address both the depression and the osteoarthritis. The role of chronic pain in potentially contributing to the depression should also be investigated.

Living with pain is difficult and the more that is understood, the better the available treatments will be.
For more on the Korean study, click here.

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