Friday, July 10, 2009

It works for me!

Over the years I've lost count of how many people have come up to me and said "Have you heard about this?......" and described something that is helping their pain.
I tell everyone to remember that pain is a personal experience. My simple answer has always been - if it helps, go for it.
It doesn't matter what it is that helps, if it works for you and you have less pain, it can't be a bad thing.
The reason governing and professional bodies publish guidelines is that they are looking at what helps large populations and what is cost effective. A positive recommendation does not guarantee the treatment will work for you, just as a negative report does not mean it won't benefit you.
These guidelines help protect consumers from unscrupulous operators who prey on the desparation caused by chronic pain. The guidelines give you a probability that any given treatment will work for you.
If you know something is unlikely to work, you may save that $200 for a treatment with better prospects.
Recent reports have included comparative descriptions. By showing that, on average, hyaluronic acid injections are as effective as NSAIDs, it helps the average arthritis sufferer get the same benefit from the option that costs a few dollars rather than the one that costs a few hundred.

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