Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't let it mess with you

I have had the good fortune to meet a number of people in the last few weeks who are doing a great job of getting on with their lives and not letting their arthritis spoil their lifestyle.
They are utilizing different treatments early on to preserve activity rather than leaving it until they can barely walk.
I now see people with unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis getting a brace for high level activity. This week it was a keen outdoors man who had lived his life in the mountains. He was heading back out there and the brace was going to let him keep doing what he loved. He was even getting together with his mates and going skiing again.
He had a moderate varus deformity and in the past would probably have been advised to take it easy. With the help of his brace he plans on doing more activity, and in the process should strengthen the vital quadriceps.
He is a very focused individual and successful businessman. He set himself goals and did what was required to achieve them.
That's the attitude you need in the fight against arthritis.
If I could bottle that spirit I would be a rich man.

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